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Rubrik’s Converged Data Management 2.0 with Riker Beard enhancements

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In my last post, Chris Wahl – Tech Evangelist, explained why Rubrik is not a hyper-converged product.  They don’t run compute,  they are a converged data management platform.

Rubrik replaces old ways of thought for backups with software convergence;  single software fabric for all data management functions including storage.  Instead of  backup servers, proxies, replication,  a catalog db, going all the way to archiving off site tape backups; you just need software and backup storage.snazzy


This brings infinite scalabilty using a web-scale architecture  that spreads data services uniformly across all nodes within the system.  Rubrik changes the game, from hard to scale and complex to setup up, to  easy  enough for myself to be a backup admin. Their converged scalable software makes scaling as easy as adding another Brik.


Rubrik has an API-driven architecture.  A must for any automation control and interacting outside of the GUI.  They use Swagger an interface for their RESTful API to assist with lookup options for what you want to accomplish. NEAT!

Instant Data Access
Data is immediately available regardless of locality for search, recovery, analytics, and DevOps.  All data is searchable whether its in the cloud or on-premises.
You can search for your Spongebob.txt file and download it from a previous snapshot.
All nodes service the interface so you never have to worry about losing access.


Cloud Native
Data services are intelligently and securely orchestrated across private and public clouds. Rubrik treats clouds as a first class citizen with the design intended to archive the data, be secure across the transport and be searchable.  You can use Amazon, AS3 as an object store or OpenStack Swift. Yes, archive to your private cloud on Swift!
The BIG 2.0 Announcement, first up :
  • Unlimited Replication – no limits, replicate to your hearts content!
  • Instant Off-Site Recovery – mount your data on Rubrik in a DR scenario. Recover instantly from any replica without data restoration to another endpoint.
  • Policy Automation – define once, set and forget!  Policies can apply to clusters, folders and you won’t have to remember to add a new virtual machine to an existing policy. Automate replication SLAs to archival and retention policies.
  • WAN Efficient – Global deduplication across your SLA domain keeps data transferring across the wire to a minimum.
But wait,  what does this mean?
You can replicate between Rubrik clusters.  Create an SLA on how often you want a VM or group of VMs to be replicated. Replication can be bidirectional across nodes asynchronously.  With the granular control now given, you can also set certain VMs to not be protected.
The open architecture doesn’t force you to choose between cloud or replication, you can do both!


Next up, AD and Role based Access
Now you can integrate with Active Directory and not worry about local accounts. With this select roles for different users of the product.


Application Aware backups
Rubrik has their own efficient VSS provider to protect your critical workloads in place of the default VMware VSS provider.
You can now backup Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, and SharePoint. (another yay!)


Detailed Reporting
Now with this feature, you can watch as a task/job is running.  See why one failed, view how long a task took, how much data was ingested and transferred over the wire. You can troubleshoot on a per VM basis versus the entire job.
Setup up reports to automatically email your team or download data to a CSV file.
At a glance, you can see which VMs are compliant with their chosen SLA.  Red bad, green good!


Don’t let things get out of hand – Capacity Planning


See what data is growing, what data is on the Briks or in the cloud.  Plan ahead instead of realizing some backups have gone awry.


This 2.0 announcement brings great features and the interface of Rubrik is Riker beard sexy.  Built in are Gold, Silver and Bronze SLAs but you can also create custom ones for your needs or the needs of the application.


Live mount is a fantastic option. You can browse or search for a needed file and simply download.


Mount a snapshot on a host to bring up a copy of a VM.   The clone uses the Flash Tier of Rubrik essentially creating a forked clone of an existing VM.  This can be used for testing upgrades, new code etc.  Rubrik is smart enough to disable the NIC so there aren’t any IP conflicts.


Unlimited replication options to public or private cloud or another Rubrik device is simply sweet.


Exciting times in the data protection arena.