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My poor neglected blog

It’s time to dust this page off and get it back up and running. I was swept away in automating all the things and life in general. No excuses now since I had a surprise invitation to Virtualization Field Day 4. What could be a better motivator?


Past attendees have been some fellow Chicago brethren and I’m excited to be able to take part.

There’s a great vendor lineup:

Dell – Hardware, storage…Very interested to see what they will be presenting on.
StorMagic – It will be fun to hear more about the SvSAN solution they offer
Platform9 – First-time Tech Field Day presenters so they are newbies like me. A self service rivate cloud sounds based on OpenStack sounds like a dream to me
Scale Computing – Looks like they have a great hyperconverged offering.
VMTurbo – I have a special place in my heart for VMTurbo and have always believed in their product. I’m looking forward to a deepdive session
SolarWinds – Who hasn’t used SolarWinds in one way or another?
SimpliVity – Another Tech Field day newbie with a converged infrastructure offering.

This event is streamed live at techfieldday.com/. Yes, I’ve been warned you are on camera at all times so no pressure at all. Look for me asking a nervous question or two.