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SolarWinds thwackCamp 2015

This year, SolarWinds thwackCamp virtual conference is coming up next week on July 15-16.

This year’s keynote, “What Will You Solve Next,” will be delivered by SolarWinds CTO and CIO, Joel Dolisy; group vice president of product strategy, Nikki Jennings; and head geek, Patrick Hubbard. I had the pleasure of meeting Joel and Nikki at Virtualization Field Day 4, hosted at the SolarWinds headquarters in Austin, TX. I was impressed with their AppStack offering and all of the plug-ins that Orion has as a platform, coming the closest to the unicorn “single pane of glass.” You can read more on that here

This year, the sessions are breaking out into two tracks:

1) SolarWinds How-To, with sessions focused on topics like, “Finding the Needle in the AppStack: Troubleshooting Application Performance” and “SolarWinds Orion Scalability Best Practices and Futures.”

2) Industry Topics, with focuses such as, “Crossing the Great Divide: Conversations between IT, Networking and Security Ops” and “Seven Signs your Database Server is Lying to You.”

Some of my favorite SolarWinds geeks like Leon Adato and Kong Yang, will be presenting on the geekside of these topics.

For DevOps fans or naysayers, there will be an expert panel on, “DevOps: A Magical Unicorn that is Transforming Service Delivery.”

All the details can be found here on their website

It looks educational, fun and FREE! Topics like the “Crossing the Great Divide” are so applicable in today’s IT world. Personally, I believe companies need to work on getting all teams to cross train or at least play nice together for streamlining solutions to the customer. It is easier said than done.

Recordings will also be available after the live event but you’ll miss out on Q&A and give-a-ways.

My poor neglected blog

It’s time to dust this page off and get it back up and running. I was swept away in automating all the things and life in general. No excuses now since I had a surprise invitation to Virtualization Field Day 4. What could be a better motivator?


Past attendees have been some fellow Chicago brethren and I’m excited to be able to take part.

There’s a great vendor lineup:

Dell – Hardware, storage…Very interested to see what they will be presenting on.
StorMagic – It will be fun to hear more about the SvSAN solution they offer
Platform9 – First-time Tech Field Day presenters so they are newbies like me. A self service rivate cloud sounds based on OpenStack sounds like a dream to me
Scale Computing – Looks like they have a great hyperconverged offering.
VMTurbo – I have a special place in my heart for VMTurbo and have always believed in their product. I’m looking forward to a deepdive session
SolarWinds – Who hasn’t used SolarWinds in one way or another?
SimpliVity – Another Tech Field day newbie with a converged infrastructure offering.

This event is streamed live at techfieldday.com/. Yes, I’ve been warned you are on camera at all times so no pressure at all. Look for me asking a nervous question or two.