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#VFD4 – The email

First off, I’d like to say if you ever receive an email from a certain sfoskett, read it and reply. Being chosen as a delegate is truly an honor, either you’ve been noticed in the community or someone has recommended you. It is an experience like no other. Large conferences, where you sit in a room with hundreds of people, can become tiresome with slide after slide with no real deep dive. At a Tech Field Day, you get to interact with the presenter often changing the course of what they had planned. This was the most excitingWho is that man in the glasses part of VFD4 for me. Well 2nd to flying in an airplane with THE Stephen Foskett.






Stephen is larger than life and I swear could have his own television show. Men and women alike constantly swoon at his feet while he checks the time (insert amazing and classy watch here).


This man knows how to entertain and keep things moving with grace. His background is in storage and he has a talent for reading 1000s of blogs a day.  Is he of this world?

Tom Hollingsworth, keeps the delegate ducklings all in a row and makes sure we stay the course. A multi-tasker like no other, he keeps a head count and keeps working on the tech videos behind the scenes all while throwing movie quotes at you or horrible accents.  Maybe being a CCIE helps with organizing the packets of delegates (ah booo).  I think the bourbon may come into play as well.

I didn’t get the honor of meeting Claire but it is said she is the ultimate planner behind the scenes and keeps everything efficient and well thought out. The real mother hen, even though I think Tom is runner up for that title as well.  All of these fantastic people hail from Getstalt IT

Your day is jam packed and scheduled to the minute. It’s a whirlwind experience that is exciting and almost overwhelming at times. All in all a truly inspiring experience that I am grateful to have been a part of. I’ve made new friends and connections while meeting two fantastic men in the industry. Not only providing value, but amazing fun and copious amounts of hilarity and entertainment after an information overload of a day.

My poor neglected blog

It’s time to dust this page off and get it back up and running. I was swept away in automating all the things and life in general. No excuses now since I had a surprise invitation to Virtualization Field Day 4. What could be a better motivator?


Past attendees have been some fellow Chicago brethren and I’m excited to be able to take part.

There’s a great vendor lineup:

Dell – Hardware, storage…Very interested to see what they will be presenting on.
StorMagic – It will be fun to hear more about the SvSAN solution they offer
Platform9 – First-time Tech Field Day presenters so they are newbies like me. A self service rivate cloud sounds based on OpenStack sounds like a dream to me
Scale Computing – Looks like they have a great hyperconverged offering.
VMTurbo – I have a special place in my heart for VMTurbo and have always believed in their product. I’m looking forward to a deepdive session
SolarWinds – Who hasn’t used SolarWinds in one way or another?
SimpliVity – Another Tech Field day newbie with a converged infrastructure offering.

This event is streamed live at techfieldday.com/. Yes, I’ve been warned you are on camera at all times so no pressure at all. Look for me asking a nervous question or two.