Just one of the guys

Yes, it’s another blog

Yes, I’m a woman and in Infrastructure. Shocking I know!

Forever one of the guys.  Hopefully, with the powers of the web, we can get10984505_826109020796096_4730121322498324854_o more women into this field.  I started out as most of us do; a lowly help desk technician.  I did have a brief gig in web design but we know how well that market is going.  From there , I did some time in telecom (not my cup of tea) and then networking.  Wearing multiple hats at a company, finally landed me into the land of virtualization.  Be still my heart!  I love this field and it is forever changing.  I hope to add some of my findings and experiences to join some of the people and sites that have helped me along the way.

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Just one of the guys
Just one of the guys

2 thoughts on “Yes, it’s another blog

  1. Hi Amy,

    I like the way you approach in blog writing. Especially the one you did for vmturbo. As you are starting the Blogs again, I would be interest to know if you have heard of opvizor? We are not a real time monitoring tool. We are predictive analytics for VMware and a deliver a deeper dive with solutions for errors found in vSphere then anyone else. I would be curious if you can take a look at the solution and provide feedback. If you are interested, I can grant you Enterprise license of the solution for you to use in your lab to see what and how it does. I look forward to your response.
    Take Care,

    Atif Siddiqui

    Please go to http://www.opvizor.com/register

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